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Welcome to AbsolutePanda !

AbsolutePanda is a brand of Sichuan Absolute Wild Travel Co., Ltd (Business license number:L-SC-A00464).

Our team is comprised of wildlife enthusiasts and travel junkie who are skilled in deviating from the beaten trail. Through the course of 20+ years of experience in the eco-tourism industry we have come to appreciate travel as a fine art. When clients travel with us, they travel with the understanding that their patronage is contributing directly to the preservation of the local communities and habitats that they are exploring; this is the promise of responsible tourism. Our varied repertoire of travel products is certain to have something for everyone, and if you want something different, we are happy to accommodate your desires with a custom itinerary.

Our vision to use travel as a medium to build a bridge between tourists, local communities and the environment.
Our story and Special Thanks.
AbsolutePanda was founded by Philip He (He Chengan, corporate legal entity) and Lily Guo (Guo Xiaoli.) Together the two started AbsolutePanda as a mom-and-pop business and built it from the ground up. We would have never become what is now without generous support from our past clients and our partners. We want to express our heart-felt thanks to all those people who have helped us along.
While it would be impossible to thank the hundreds of people who have contributed to our growth and success, here are some honorable mentions.

Rick Kattelmann, Rick learned about our company through a photography friend of Philip in 2010 and has been with us for at least seven trips since then. Rick has assisted in proof-reading, websites structure, and advice about business philosophy while on our tours.

Steve Ziman, Steve also first traveled with us in 2010 and has returned several times. Steve has been instrumental in helping us create a website that is accommodating to our foreign clientele. It is thanks to his insight that we have been able to reach a global audience.

Bradley Joseph, A persistent and passionate bear expert from Alaska. We got to know Brad from co-working on a trip organized by one of the foremost travel companies in the world. He is the most devoted tour leader we have ever worked with. He has taught us a great deal on how to provide best services in the wild and how to appreciate nature.

Rod Hamilton, Rod is the owner of a consultant company in UK who we met during a panda tracking trip in Sichuan. During this time, Rod imparted advice that was crucial to helping establish our brand on TripAdvisor.
We could not have done it without the support we’ve received from all of our clients and partners. Thank You!
Our Services
AbsolutePanda provides a full array of top quality services with the aim of providing our clients with unforgettable travel memories. Whether you are an individual, a school class or a corporate client, AbsolutePanda's one-stop service ensures there is a trip for everyone here in the middle kingdom. As a business, we set comfort, safety and adaptability as our top priorities. We understand that people come from different backgrounds and have different tastes and preferences that create their expectations for the way they travel. To demonstrate our ability to accommodate all of your needs, here is a brief introduction to the amenities we provide for creating your perfect trip.

Our team of travel experts are well versed in China’s premiere destinations. They can use their expertise and knowledge to help you make one-stop, stress-free travel plans. You only need to provide the information about your interests and goals, make the payment and allow us to do the rest.

After years of working in the travel field, we have built a network with local hotels, car rental companies and scenic areas. Additionally, we have established business relations with these local providers and have annual contracts that ensure our clients will enjoy discounted prices. With these established resources at your disposal, we have become the travel experts in this region of the world.  If you only need us to make reservations to facilitate your trip, we can help you achieve this.

Corporate Event
With a background and resources in managing high-end outdoor events, we design and provide creative themes and complete logistics management along with unique pre-/post-touring options for corporate clients. Whether these are investment survey trips and cocktail parties or "Corporate-Social-Responsibility" & philanthropic travel/team-building events, our one-stop service will ensure that your events are both productive and memorable.

Camera Renting
If you don’t want to bring you camera and lens but still want to get the best shots, we also provide camera rental services. You only need to tell us what camera and lens you hope to use during the trip, we can tell you the price and prepare equipment for you in advance.
Special Experiences
Travel can expand your horizons and social experience beyond what is typical; our team prides itself with making trips that are impossible to forget. We provide special programs that deviate from the norm to make your trip one of a kind. Following are some special experiences you may wish to consider. Because we can’t list all the special experiences here, please contact us if you have some special request.

Panda interaction
Volunteering at any of Sichuan’s Panda Bases is a once in a lifetime chance to get up close and personal with these delightful creatures. Working with a panda keeper and experiencing their work can be an exciting memory. During this time, you can get a chance to feed the pandas through the bars of their night house.

We have a group of full-time bird experts who know exactly how to lead a birding experience that will expose you to the wealth of colorful avian species. We highly recommend that you request our birding experts if your specific interest is in birds.

China is home to many alpine flower species. For example, Western Sichuan is one of 26 global hot spots picked by Conservation International for biodiversity. Our plant expert can help you appreciate those beautiful flowers in the right season.

Besides Pandas, China is home to diverse array of spectacular mammal species. If you have interests in mammals, our nature guides can take you into the backwoods of China in search of them.

Kung Fu & Taiji Lessons
The national treasure of Chinese martial arts is almost mythical in the eye of most westerners. These ancient artforms are not just sets of body movements, it is a combination of Chinese philosophy and exercises. If you have interests of having a lesson in Kung Fu or Taiji lesson from a local instructor, we are skilled in making it happen!

Cooking Classes
We can provide both a family cooking programs and cooking classes in a local school to enrich your travel experiences with taste and flavor!

If you enjoy cycling, we can arrange a cycling trip to help you explore a certain area where you have interests.

All the photos featured on our website are taken by us or our clients. If you have interests in photography and hope to learn more about photography, we can arrange a photography guide and plan a trip in which you can get the best chance of photographing and practicing photography techniques.
What makes the way we travel absolute?
1. We are the only travel company who focuses on wildlife in China
AbsolutePanda has been focusing on wildlife tours all over China since 2003.We have guided thousands of small-group expeditions into Panda’s habitats to explore the vibrant beauty of China’s wildlife habitats. Our professional tour leaders and wildlife experts help our guests to gain in-depth understanding about the animals that call these places home, the stunning scenery as well as the history and local culture. Your participation will help us to set a precedent of responsible travel that benefits the natural world and local communities.

2. Exclusive Quality & Value Guarantee
We promise that our qualified services will meet (if not exceed) your expectation. We define our quality by unique itineraries, stunning destinations, creative interactions, and professional guides. As a responsible travel company, we care about local community and also benefit a lot from working directly with local business. If you can find any other travel company who is able to offer tours of same quality with better price, we are willing to reimburse you with the difference.

3. Explore China in comfort and on your own style
AbsolutePanda is more than just luxury accommodations, meals and vehicles. We focus on your enjoyment of interacting with nature and local culture. Our experienced tour guides are versed all of our resources and destinations and are prepared to ensure your trip is tailored to your needs.

4. We care and share
We believe the best way to contribute to conservation is through appreciation and education. By bringing nature lovers to enjoy beauty of nature in China, we hope to contribute to the precedent of responsible ecotourism in these regions of China.



+86 18030879853